21st Century Parks Initiative

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The 21st century parks initiative will be a multi-year dynamic, community-centered evolution for Parks & Recreation with outcomes driven by authentic community engagement and a racial equity lens. This provides an opportunity to be more responsive to changing demographics and residents’ needs, and to systematically rethink current sites and programming.

As the county’s population increases and becomes more racially, ethnically and linguistically diverse, gaps are increasing between users and the recreational facilities and services that Parks & Recreation offers. To meet these changing needs and interests, Parks & Recreation developed a new vision statement that will be at the heart of all projects moving forward.

21st Century Vision

A dynamic, community-centered system that provides opportunities for our ever-changing community to engage with inclusive and welcoming parks and recreation sites and programming.


21st Century Parks Vision Implementation

Residents and current park users helped inform what the realized 21st century parks vision would look like. Their guidance will shape budgeting, planning and community engagement efforts over the next decade.

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Park Ordinance Project

The Park Ordinance promotes the safety, health, enjoyment and welfare of everyone in their use of the parks, and to protect park property and resources. Last updated in 2007, the Park Ordinance requires routine updating to stay current and align with community needs.

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Parks & Recreation Signage Project

Parks & Recreation is rethinking signage throughout the park system, and needs community input to help shape the direction of new signage that is user-friendly, accessible and welcoming.

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Arena facility and programming improvements

Parks & Recreation is looking for community input on infrastructure needs, improving user experience and expanding access to better serve all residents at its arenas.