Battle Creek Winter Recreation Area

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Cross-country skier at Battle Creek Regional Park

The Battle Creek Winter Recreation Area will be the first winter recreation area with machine made snow in the East Metro. It will provide access to recreation for the surrounding community and serve as a regional, statewide and national draw as a premier cross-country ski facility. The Winter Recreation Area will provide mental and physical health benefits, youth development opportunities and connection to the natural world.

Project background

The Battle Creek Winter Recreation Area will provide reliable snow in winter for recreational skiers, professional and student athletes, and beginner skiers. A sledding hill with snowmaking will be free and open to the public.

Snowmaking equipment will: 

  • Extend the cross-country ski season to approximately 100 days. 
  • Provide the reliable snow necessary to host events and offer recreation even in low-snow years. 


The project will provide:

  • Snowmaking for a 3.25 km lighted cross-country ski loop, .75 km practice loop and sledding hill.
  • An equipment/maintenance facility to support the snowmaking system operations and maintenance.


Construction began in June 2022. Areas of the park may be closed during construction. Please follow signs within the park to detour away from the construction zone. 


Tree removal along trails on the west side of Battle Creek Road took place in 2021. 

Widening the trail was necessary to:

  • Allow for skiers of various skill levels to coexist on the trails.
  • Mitigate snowmaking damage to trees immediately along trail, including damage to lower limbs and roots.
  • Allow larger grooming equipment necessary for snowmaking to pass without damaging trees.


The total project cost is estimated at $6.6 million.


  • Request for proposal process/Design-build team selection – February - May 2021.
  • Design, estimating & community engagement – June - December 2021.
  • Permitting and construction - begins May 2022
  • Project completion - November 2022.