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The Parks & Recreation department oversees Ramsey County’s parkland and recreational facilities, manages natural resources and facilitates recreational programming.

The Ramsey County parks system encompasses more than 6,500 acres and consists of:

The parks and recreation services provided by Ramsey County complement services provided by municipalities to meet the needs of an urbanized population. The parks and open space areas held by Ramsey County represent the largest undeveloped land areas in the county.

As of June 1, 2018, the duties and authorities of the Ramsey Conservation District transferred to Ramsey County and are managed by the Soil & Water Conservation division of the Parks & Recreation department.

Department leadership and contacts

Mark McCabe, Department Director
Arenas and golf: Liz Flinn, Director
Park operations: Kristopher Lencowski, Director
Planning and development: Scott Yonke, Director
Soil and water conservation: Ann WhiteEagle, Director

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