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Twenty percent of our trash is food scraps. There’s a better option to manage this waste: collect your food scraps for composting.

In six months, the food scraps will become finished compost at an industrial compost facility. The finished compost is used in gardens, landscaping and construction projects. It can help soil hold more water and nutrients, support more living organisms, help control erosion and stormwater runoff, and much more. Get started today! 

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Food Scraps Drop-Off

Bring your food scraps to a Ramsey County collection site for composting. All sites are open to Ramsey County residents. Arden Hills, Battle Creek, Frank & Sims and White Bear Township collection sites are also open to Washington County residents. 

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Food Scraps Pickup

Ramsey and Washington counties are rolling out a new way for residents to recycle food scraps from home— the food scraps pickup program!

Did you know that food scraps make up about 20% of trash by weight collected in the two counties? By recycling your food scraps, you can help turn this material into soil, rather than waste.

The program is currently available to all residents of Maplewood and North St. Paul and will roll out to the rest of Ramsey County over multiple years.

Visit or call 651-661-9393 to get started. Not yet eligible to participate? Sign up to receive emails when the program becomes available in new areas.

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