Frequently Asked Questions - Riverview Corridor

This page provides answers to common questions about the Riverview Corridor modern streetcar project. If you have other questions, please contact the project team.

What is the Riverview Corridor Modern Streetcar project?

What groups or committees are making decisions?

When will the Riverview streetcar project be constructed and begin service?

Is Riverview Modern Streetcar like the Blue Line and Green Line light rail?

Has a decision already been made about whether the streetcar will run along the side or center of West 7th Street?

Is West 7th Street too narrow to effectively fit a streetcar and provide reliable transit service?

Have the station locations along the streetcar line been finalized?

Has a decision already been made about what vehicle type will be used for the streetcar?

Is bus rapid transit being considered as an alternative to modern streetcar?

Is the Canadian Pacific Spur being considered as an alternative alignment to West 7th Street?

Why is a route through the Ford Plant/Highland Bridge site not being considered?

Was a Shepard Road alignment considered as an alternative to West 7th Street?

How will pedestrians and bicyclists be accommodated along West 7th Street?

How will the Route 54 bus and other local bus routes be affected?

How will parking on West 7th Street be affected?

Will any businesses be affected or shut down to build the Riverview project?

How will the Riverview project impact traffic on the Highway 5 bridge?

How are potential impacts to culturally and historically significant areas in the Bdote/Fort Snelling area being managed?