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Find information on eligibility and enrollment for cash, food, child care and other programs on the Financial Assistance page.

The Financial Assistance Services department administers programs that provide economic support to single adults and families by helping to meet basic needs. The department determines initial and ongoing eligibility for economic assistance programs including cash assistance, food support, medical assistance, child care and emergency assistance. Staff communicate program rules and requirements to clients as well as to internal and external social service providers, and other community agencies. Additionally, Financial Assistance Services assist clients in finding community resources to meet their needs beyond the economic assistance programs that the county administers. 

EZ info English, Español, Hmoob, Soomaali 

Ramsey County operates a 24/7 automated EZ Info phone line (651-266-3800) to provide information about financial assistance programs in English, Español, Hmoob and af Soomaali.

  • Obtain information about your financial assistance eligibility, program status and benefits.
  • Interact with state eligibility systems to give up-to-date information about a person’s case status.
  • Leave messages for your workers and report changes. Even though it is automated, you can still use EZ Info to reach a worker.
  • Get information on other resources.

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Do you want to make a difference in the community? Social Services and Financial Assistance Services rely on citizen input on policies, programs, and services that it delivers.

If you’re interested in getting involved:

Civil Rights Plan and Complaint Procedure

Financial Assistance Services is responsible for providing services to assist and support Minnesota’s most vulnerable individuals and families so they can meet their basic needs and be treated with respect and dignity. Ramsey County’s Civil Rights Plan and Complaint Procedure ensure that all eligible individuals receive equal access to program services and information.

Civil Rights Plan and Complaint Procedure (PDF)