Ramsey County Most Wanted

Mark Daniel Oxley

Warrants: Fleeing a Peace Officer in a Motor Vehicle

Oxley Wanted Poster

Nay Lin Oo

Warrants: Criminal Sex Conduct 3rd Degree - Force or Coercion

Oo Wanted Poster


Floyd Daniel Booher - Captured

Warrant: Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree - Penetration - Injury - Use Force/Coerce

Booher Wanted Poster

Booher was arrested by Ramsey County Apprehension Unit

Brittini Lee Haywood

Warrant Information: Neglect of a Child - Results Subst. Harm Physical/Emotional Health

Haywood Wanted Poster

Servando Zaratenco Castro

Warrant: Prostitution - Hires/Offers/Agree to hire; Individual Believes Age 13 to 16; Penetration or Contact

Castro Wanted Poster


John Scott Rolfer


1. Burglary 2nd Degree

2. Burglary 2nd Degree

Rolfer Wanted Poster

William McFall


1. Assault 2nd Degree - Dangerous Weapon

2. Assault 5th Degree

McFall Wanted Poster

Chue Yee Vang

Warrants: Felony Domestic Assault

Lee Cha

1. Violation of Predatory Offender Registration
2. Predatory Offender - Knowlingly Commits Act or Fails to Fulfill Registration Requirement

Nancy Lynn Martinez

Warrant: Possession of Drugs 1st Degree

Martinez Wanted Poster

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