Young Adult Employment Program

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The young adult program provides employment and training opportunities to low-income and/or at-risk young adults. Services provided by three vendors include career planning, job search assistance, paid work experience and assistance with tuition costs.


The young adult program is open to individuals who:

  • Are 14-24 years old.
  • Live in Ramsey County.
  • Have a challenge to overcome to complete their education and/or obtain employment.


  • Explore your future career opportunities.
  • Learn about potential employment trainings.
  • Experience work in a setting of your choice while getting paid.
  • Job search help (resumes, interviews, networking, etc.).
  • Earn your High School Diploma or GED.
  • Attend free workshops.
  • Plan out your educational pathway.


Hired - Hired’s WIOA/MYP Program works one-on-one with youth ages 14-24 in Ramsey County. Hired has established great partnerships with local businesses and training facilities to provide life sustaining opportunities to youth enrolled in our programs. Hired walks with each young person to help them get to the next level in life, school and work. We believe that every youth is one caring, consistent adult away from becoming a success story.

To connect with services and for additional information, contact:
Rachel Grosskurth or Dawn Trimarco 

Hmong American Partnership - HAP’s cultural experience strengthens our programming by making additional support available in one organization. HAP provide wraparound support services addressing varied needs such as housing, childcare, health insurance, and crisis support. They also make outside referrals to specialized services that are not offer. HAP's approach provides participants with a one-stop shop to address the needs of the whole family.

To connect with services and for additional information, contact:
Yer Yang, Career and Job Training Manager

YWCA St. Paul - Youth Development programs empower young people to build bright futures, help affirm who they are, support them in building leadership skills, employment readiness and academic success. Our youth programs also seek to ensure that young people are empowered to be active participants in their communities and have the knowledge and power to be a catalyst for change. Open to young people ages 15 to 24. Transportation assistance available.

To connect with services and for additional information, contact:
La’Shante Grigsby, Youth Programs Manager