Short-term Respite Care for Youth in Crisis Request for Applications

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Children and youth who are experiencing a mental health crisis are often unable to find care. Unless they are a danger to themselves or others, they are not assigned to an open bed that may be needed for “critical care” patients. The shortage of beds for those who need intensive care leaves many youths waiting in the emergency department for hours or winding up in jail.

Ramsey County received funding from the State of Minnesota to establish a pilot project to address emergency mental health needs for youth who are experiencing a mental health crisis. One of the services that will be offered is short term respite care for youth in crisis. This service is particularly needed for youths of color Ramsey County who are less likely to receive community based mental health services, and whose mental health visits to the emergency department are increasing when compared to White youth.

Ramsey County has a bold vision rooted in an ambitious strategic plan that includes the priorities of:

  • Residents first: effective, efficient and accessible operations.
  • Advancing racial and health equity and shared community power.

These two strategic priorities are guiding the county’s efforts to develop and provide effective, efficient and accessible mental health services that will reduce the disparities that exist for racially and ethnically diverse youth. The county will partner with providers/individuals in the community who are able to provide culturally specific or culturally responsive short term respite care.

The purposes of the respite care services are to:

  • Provide the parent or caregiver a temporary break/relief from the care of the youth.
  • Reduce family stress and improve youth and family functioning.
  • Prevent out-of-home placement and promote family preservation.

The county is seeking applications from qualified providers of short-term, 24-hour respite care for youth experiencing a mental health crisis.

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