Vote by Agent

Voters may authorize an individual (agent) to pick up and return an absentee ballot for them. This service is available only within the seven days preceding an election.


You can cast an absentee vote by agent if you are a:

  • Patient in a hospital, residential treatment center or nursing home.
  • Resident of a group home.
  • Resident of a battered women's shelter.
  • Resident of an assisted living facility.
  • Voter with a disability.
  • Voter who would have difficulty getting to the polls because of incapacitating health reasons.

How to vote by agent

1. Choose someone to be your agent who:

  • Has a pre-existing relationship with you.
  • Is at least 18 years old.
  • Is not a candidate in the election.

2. Complete both of the following:

3. Have your agent bring the completed forms to Ramsey County Elections Office to pick up your ballot. 

4. Your agent will be given your ballot and envelopes to bring to you.

5. Vote your ballot and complete materials according to the enclosed instructions.     

6. Have your agent return your voted ballot before Election Day to a Ramsey County Elections early voting location or on Election Day by 8 p.m. to Ramsey County ElectionsNote: Your agent must show an ID with name and signature.