Droughts & Wildfires

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Drought is a prolonged period of lower-than-normal rainfall that leads to serious effects on plants, animals and people.

In Ramsey County droughts can lower the levels of our lakes and rivers, cause drying of lawns and vegetation that can make us more vulnerable to wildfires. Droughts around the state can also cause major crop losses and water shortages. Ramsey County has abundant drinking and public water supplies, but in serious long term droughts water restrictions may be necessary.

A wildfire is a large, destructive fire that spreads quickly over woodland or brush.

Although uncommon, wildfires are possible, even in an urban area like Ramsey County. We do have large green spaces covered in small forests or grasslands right next to houses and businesses. Accidents or carelessness with sources of sparks like cigarettes, fireworks and backyard fires can cause rapidly expanding wildfires that can threaten homes and lives. This potential is greater when conditions are dry due to drought or when grasses are dead in the late fall and early spring .

A fast moving wildfire can give you very little time to evacuate. If you live near a larger natural area you may want to consider the need for an evacuation kit that you can just grab and go with if needed.