Landslides & Sinkholes

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Parts of Ramsey County sit on a thick layer of limestone rock that is riddled with small holes and caves (known as Karst topography (PDF)). Our large rivers and hills also create many slopes and cliffs.

When these can weaken, often due to heavy surface rains, they can fail, causing landslides or sinkholes.

A landslide is a slipping of a slope or cliff that causes large amounts of rock and soil to collapse. A sinkhole is a collapse in a flatter area that causes a hole to open up in the ground.  

These slides and sinkholes can be small or very large and they can happen with little to know warning.

Preparing for landslides and sinkholes

  • Stay away from and do not let children play near cliff edges and steep slopes, especially after heavy rains.
  • Call your local police or public works if you see a slide or sinkhole.
  • Do not enter caves or sinkholes that may collapse further or be filled with deadly poisonous natural gases.