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The Ramsey County park ordinance (park rules) was adopted in 1992 and last amended in 2007. The purpose is to promote the safety, health, enjoyment and welfare of everyone in their use of the parks, and to protect park property and resources.


The current ordinance revision process aims to:

  • Respond to long-standing community feedback about park access.
  • Minimize or eliminate regulations that may be enforced in a discriminatory way, and increase racial inequity.
  • Modernize the ordinance and address contemporary park issues.

Changes should result in an ordinance that is equitable, consistent and streamlined; promotes greater enjoyment of the parks; increases user safety; and protects park facilities, property and natural resources for everyone to enjoy.

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The ordinance revision process has two phases and three components - internal review, equity review and community engagement. The final review will take place at a county board meeting.

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Phase 2

Final review

Community engagement

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Public Hearing

A public hearing is scheduled for Feb. 8 at 9 a.m. Residents will have another opportunity to comment on the ordinance. 

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