Building 189

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Project background

Building 189 is located in a 112-acre central segment of the Rice Creek North Regional Trail corridor that was transferred from the United States to Ramsey County in 2006. It is the last remaining structure from the former Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant within the 112-acre central segment previously used for a variety of ammunition making activities. The building is vacant and does not serve a recreational purpose. Since the transfer of the parcel, there has been vandalism, destruction of the building and numerous safety issues that have been increasing in recent years.

In 2018, a Rice Creek North Regional Trail Master Plan Amendment process was launched to evaluate long-term improvements within the Rice Creek North Regional Trail corridor.  As part of this process, a pre-building assessment was completed for Building 189 in 2019 to evaluate future development options for the existing building and surrounding site area.

The investment scenarios needed to bring the building up to usable standards has been evaluated. The pre-building assessment explored potential reuse of the building and demolition of the structure in 2019. The estimated cost for reusing the building and surrounding site development was between $10 million and $30 million. Using the results of the study and lack of available funding, Ramsey County determined that reuse of Building 189 for recreational purposes is not feasible. A summary of the pre-building assessment findings can be found in the appendix of the Rice Creek North Regional Trail Master Plan Amendment.

Project goal

Demolition of Building 189 and clean up of the immediate area surrounding the building. These improvements will provide a safer area for trail users and prepare the site for future investments.



Phase 1 demolition activities: $1,210,500
Phase 2 trail head development activities:To be determined

Next steps

Phase 1 demolition activities (April 2023 through July 2023)

  • April 2023
    • Site preparation including erosion management and clearing of existing invasive vegetation.
    • Building demolition preparation.
  • May 2023 – July 2023.
    • Demolition of existing 35,711 square foot building.
    • Removal of paved areas, fencing and abandoned utilities.
    • Site grading and natural resource restoration.  

Map of project area

All onsite construction activities will be completed by Certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) vendors.

Phase 2 - timing to be determined

  • Seek additional funding for further improvements and larger projects.
  • Time and schedule are dependent on funding.