Juvenile Probation

When a youth appears in court on a delinquency offense, the judge can refer him or her for probation services. Ramsey County juvenile probation works with youth, age 18 and under, within the Ramsey County Juvenile Justice System. Some youth who commit serious offenses may be designated Extended Juvenile Jurisdiction by the Court, and placed on probation until age 21. During the probation period, a probation officer will work with each youth and his or her family, school and community to address issues and minimize the risk of reoffending. The supervision period for each youth can vary, but typically starts at 90-180 days. The period of probation supervision may be extended by the court if necessary.

Throughout the youth’s supervision, probation officers carry out the tasks necessary to protect the community, hold the youth accountable and facilitate positive behavior change. Probation officers assess a youth’s risk to reoffend, and refer the youth and family to services that help reduce the risk of further criminal activity. They ensure youth on probation know what is required by the court, and help youth meet those requirements. Probation officers act as a support for families, schools and other professionals. Probation officers attend all court hearings for the youth they supervise. They may file a probation violation if the youth does not comply with court orders.

Ramsey County probation services include random drug testing, chemical health assessments, school support, victim impact group, girls group, anger management group, community service work, evening programming, and individual and family therapy.

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