Jumping Worms

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Jumping worm on ground
Jumping worms look similar to earthworms, yet wiggle intensely when disturbed.

Jumping worms are invasive and destructive worms that can quickly degrade soils, kill garden plants and damage lawns. They look similar to nightcrawlers and other earthworms except that they wiggle intensely when disturbed and can appear to be jumping. If your soil appears granular like coffee grounds, you likely have jumping worms.

Help identify the difference between jumping worms and nightcrawlers 

Jumping worms are an emerging issue in our area. Ramsey County is working with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to develop the best precautions for our yard waste sites.

Due to the threat of jumping worms, we no longer accept dirt or sod at our yard waste sites. Refer to our  A to Z Recycling & Disposal Guide for other disposal options, or call 651-633-EASY (3279).

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