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Green Ramsey is a monthly e-newsletter featuring articles about waste, recycling, energy and other environmental health issues. The newsletter is produced by the Environmental Health Division.

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Read about the following in the current issue of Green Ramsey (April 2019):

Success Stories

  • North Oaks Golf Club Diverts More than 16,000 Pounds of Trash

News You Can Use

  • Purchase a Compost Bin – Save $20

  • Step Up Your Recycling Game

  • Spring has Sprung at County Yard Waste Sites

  • The Life of a Recycled Plastic Bottle

Did You Know?

Once at the recycling facility and on the conveyor belt, optical sorters send beams of light through items to detect the type of plastic. It detects all colors of plastic, except black plastic. That is why black plastic is not accepted with recyclables - light can’t shine through it to be sorted!