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Green Ramsey is a monthly e-newsletter featuring articles about waste, recycling, energy and other environmental health issues. The newsletter is produced by the Environmental Health Division.

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Read about the following in the current issue of Green Ramsey (April 2017):

Success Stories

  • White Bear Lake Schools Recycle and Reuse Supplies
  • HED Cycling Recycles Industry-Specific Waste

News You Can Use

  • Borrow Educational Kits and Games for Free
  • Recycle Plastic Bags at Drop-off Locations, Not in Your Cart
  • Ramsey County Updates Solid Waste Master Plan
  • Buy a Compost Bin at a Discount
  • Visit the Ramsey County Plant Sale, May 20

Did You Know?

  • Residential Organic Waste Collection is on the Rise in Ramsey County

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