Well Water Testing

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Available through January 22, 2020

Getting well water tested once a year, or sooner if it is in an area that has had flooding, is an important health and safety precaution. The Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health Laboratory offers well water testing for both home and vacation properties. You do not need to be a resident of Ramsey County - this service is available for anyone. 

Tests offered

Tests analyze the concentration of nitrate-nitrogen and the presence of coliform bacteria, including E. coli in drinking water. The test will not identify chemical contamination.

How to get your well water tested

Begin by ordering a well water collection kit. The kit contains instructions for water collection and a sterile plastic sample bag and an information and report sheet. Samples can not be accepted in personal containers or bags. You will need to drop the sample off at our lab within 30 hours of collection. Call 651-266-1321 with questions. 

Please note: Well water samples will be accepted through January 22, 2020. Beginning January 23, Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health will no longer be conducting well water testing.

Order your well water collection kit


Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health Laboratory, Second Floor
555 Cedar Street, Saint Paul, MN  55101 


The cost is $30. Payment is accepted as cash or check (made out to: Ramsey County Public Health) and should be dropped off with your water sample. 

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