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Public health agencies regularly and systematically collect, assemble, analyze, and make available information on the health of the community, including statistics on health status, community health needs, and epidemiologic and other studies of health problems. These data are used to estimate the scope and magnitude of a problem, including the geographic and demographic distribution of health events that will assist public health planning. 

Climate Change Vulnerability Health Assessment
This assessment is designed to be a planning tool, to inform conversations around climate change adaptation measures in Ramsey County. It describes: climate change trends, how these trends directly and indirectly affect human health, characteristics that increase individual vulnerability to the effects of climate change, and geographic regions of vulnerability in the county. With a focus on six topics (extreme heat, air quality, precipitation, ecological changes, demographics, and psychological impacts), the report represents SPRCPH’s analysis of vulnerabilities at one point in time. As outlined in SPRCPH’s Strategic Plan, assessing public health vulnerabilities associated with a changing climate will be a continual process.

Study of Emergency Room Use by Ramsey County Residents
Study conducted by Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health on emergency department use by Ramsey County residents during 2010-2014.The study examined multiple questions including the degree to which emergency department use was potentially preventable It was developed by the Ramsey County Access to Health Services Action Team as part of its implementation of Ramsey County’s Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).

2013 Community Health Assessment
Every 5 years, the department collects, analyzes and publishes health and related information. The purpose of the assessment is to:

  1. Quantify and understand the health risks for residents of Ramsey County, including trends and comparison between populations and with national/state public health goals.
  2. Use data and community input to identify priority health and quality of life issues.
  3. Inform community partners, policymakers and the public about the health status of Ramsey County residents and communities to target interventions/resources in the best way to achieve the greatest impact on health.
  4. Inform and drive action to address identified community health problems and needs, and aid in the evaluation of programs and services.

Metro SHAPE 2014 Survey - Ramsey County Data Book
Metro SHAPE (Survey of the Health of All the Population and the Environment) is a joint project by eight metro public health departments that identifies local health issues in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Participating public health agencies include the City of Bloomington, Carver County, Dakota County, Hennepin County, City of Minneapolis, Scott County, Saint Paul-Ramsey County, and Washington County. 

Ramsey County's Children (2012)
Selectively highlights emerging issues and trends in children’s health. This data book was developed by Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health to provide an easy-to-use collection of current and historical data on some of the most pressing health challenges facing children, their families and their communities.