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Ramsey County Library - Digital Inclusion Week

Ramsey County Library has digital literacy classes scheduled throughout Digital Inclusion Week at rclreads.org.

Ramsey County's digital literacy coordinator is working with a Community Technology Empowerment Project member to staff a table at various libraries throughout the week promoting digital equity resources available within Ramsey County, including affordable internet options, refurbished devices, computer classes, career labs, etc.).

About Digital Inclusion Week

Digital Inclusion Week is an annual week of awareness, recognition and celebration. Organizations and individuals across the country host special events and campaigns to promote digital equity in their communities. This year’s theme is “Turning Our Moment into Movement,” signaling a turning point and time of action for the digital inclusion movement.

Please join us Oct. 3-7, 2022 – this will be our biggest Digital Inclusion Week ever, with seasoned practitioners and newly launched programs hosting virtual and in-person events. Digital Inclusion Week aims to raise awareness of solutions addressing home internet access, personal devices, and local technology training and support programs.

Learn more about Digital Inclusion Week

About Ramsey Connected

Built on the belief that digital access is a basic need, Ramsey Connected is an initiative designed to ensure all Ramsey County residents have access to low-cost internet and computers and the skills to use them.

The resources listed below are for informational purposes only and are not endorsed by the county.

Digital equity resource map

An interactive map is available to help you find digital equity resources near you.

View Digital Equity Resource Map

Low-cost internet and computers

To find a local internet provider, you can use the Companies Near Me search tool. The results may vary. See below for additional low-cost options for internet and computers.

Affordable Connectivity Program

Comcast Internet Essentials

PCs for People


Phone resources

Telephone Equipment Distribution (TED) Program

Improve your computer and job skills

Ramsey County Community Career Labs

Ramsey County Community Career Labs provide in-person and virtual services for job seekers.

Saint Paul Public Library Career Labs

Tech careers

About Ramsey Connected

Ramsey County believes internet access is a basic need and low-cost internet should be available to all residents. While Ramsey County is not an internet service provider, we serve as a promoter, connector and partner through our Ramsey Connected program. In these roles, we share information from other government, for-profit and nonprofit organizations to Ramsey County residents and community organizations. We also make connections between residents, community organizations, federal and state government and for-profit technology organizations, and serve as a partner to share our knowledge of community needs, bring impacted communities to the table, and share and develop ideas and strategies.