Strategic Priorities for a Vibrant Community

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The Ramsey County 2020 Strategic Plan, while published midyear, outlines a set of strategic priorities aligned with the county’s vision for a vibrant community where all are valued and thrive. The strategic priorities are indicative of an 18-month outlook and include work built upon previous years’ priorities, all of which combined, further the county’s four goals to strengthen wellbeing, cultivate prosperity, enhance opportunity, and model accountability.

The 2020 Strategic Plan is a fully integrated component of the biennial budget and performance measurement process and is the fourth strategic plan update and biennial budget process since the County Manager announced the realignment of the organization from departments into service teams in 2015. The realignment has allowed the county to leverage the collaborative power of service teams and community to accelerate and expand the organization’s ability to achieve successful outcomes.

In January 2020, during a strategic planning board workshop, the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners provided feedback on eight refocused and realigned strategic priorities in 2019 and reaffirmed the county's vision, mission and goals. Even in the midst of a pandemic and in response to social unrest after the death of Mr. George Floyd, the 2020 Strategic Plan sets the stage for countywide strategic investment, conversations and action in partnership with community to strengthen the interconnections between strategy, planning, implementation, funding and evaluation.

Strategic priorities

2020 Strategic Plan (PDF)