Transforming Systems Together

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Transforming Systems Together (TST) is a shared decision-making initiative of community members and Ramsey County to rethink how the county delivers services and invests in community. TST is intended to change the way the county makes decisions about priorities, approaches, budgets and program design by having community members at the table as an equal voice.

Upcoming Meetings

The Transforming Systems Together governance board currently meets online via Zoom. 

Thursday, April 29, 2-5 p.m.

Previous Meetings

March 22, 2021

Recent news

Danny Givens has been named Director of Transforming Systems Together (TST). Mr. Givens, who began as TST director on Jan. 25, previously worked as director of the county’s Healing Streets violence prevention unit in Saint Paul-Ramsey County Public Health. As TST director, he will also lead a team guiding other important systems transformation efforts in Ramsey County that include the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI), adult justice systems reform, and an integrated approach to mental health and justice.

County Board of Commissioners, June 16, 2020, appointed nine community members and alternates to serve on the founding governance body of TST. The community members will join nine Ramsey County department leaders to study county policies, programs and budgets, and to make decisions on how to redesign services to be more responsive to community needs

The board unanimously approved the slate of nominees developed by the TST Catalysts, an independent group of community members that facilitated outreach and community forums to identify individuals to join the county’s shared decision-making initiative.

The current primary community members are: Tierre Caldwell, Isabel Chanslor, John Day, Lisa Deputie, Faith Dietz, Martín Hernández, Mohamed Liban, Antonio Williams and KaYing Yang.

The alternates are: Aleatha Austin-Thompson, Robert Edwards, Matthew Emerson, Donald Eubanks,Thai Lor, Jennie Shining Star Marlowe, Bre Porter and Clara Ware.

Photo gallery of TST community members

In total, the Transforming Systems Together program and budget represents 3.0 FTEs, $2 million in 2020 and $3 million in 2021 that will be dedicated toward efforts that will rebuild and reshape how the county works with its community to build a stronger future.