Preventing & Ending Homelessness

If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, visit the housing services and support section.

Ramsey County is committed to ending homelessness within our county and the metro region by working in coordination with local, regional and national efforts around homelessness.

The county partners with public and private organizations working to end and prevent homelessness in Ramsey County through the Heading Home Ramsey initiative. Comprised of local service providers, nonprofits and government organizations, the initiative grew out of the former Homeless Advisory Board created by the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners and the Saint Paul City Council in 2004.

Continuum of Care

Heading Home Ramsey is Ramsey County's Continuum of Care for those experiencing homelessness in our community. The primary goal of the Continuum of Care is to coordinate and facilitate access to services and benefits as individuals and families move through the shelter process to permanent housing and self-sufficiency. The continuum brings together the services and knowledge of several local agencies to:

  • Support and guide the development of programming, shelter and housing in Ramsey County.
  • Account for the specific needs of sub-populations experiencing homeless - such as veterans, victims of domestic violence and the mentally ill.
  • Connect residents with services appropriate to their situation.

Heading Home Ramsey engages in ongoing strategic planning to improve, update and strengthen both the Continuum of Care and the initiative's overall plan for ending and preventing homelessness. The governing board and member organizations routinely review data to assess capacity, identify gaps and analyze what programs are working successfully.

Coordinated Access to Housing and Shelter

Ramsey County also partners with Catholic Charities to provide the Ramsey County Coordinated Access to Housing and Shelter, which provides a single point of entry into the assistance system for families with minor children experiencing homelessness. CAHS assists families with accessing emergency shelter and connects them with supportive housing programs throughout the area.

Get involved

To learn more and find out how you can join the effort to end homelessness, visit the Heading Home Ramsey website.