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Sexual violence is a traumatic experience. The issues and emotions involved can be challenging for volunteers, but the help you provide can be incredibly gratifying. Without volunteers, SOS Sexual Violence Services would not be able to provide the amount of services they do to individuals, their families, and the community.  

SOS volunteer responsibilities

  • Answering the 24-hour crisis line on nights and weekends.
  • Providing information, support and advocacy for victims, survivors, their families, friends and other concerned persons.
  • Conducting medical outreach at Regions and St. John's Hospitals, providing crisis support and medical advocacy.
  • Co-facilitation support group meetings (must have completed at least one year of volunteer experience on the crisis hotline).

Volunteer requirements

  • Volunteer for 2-4 call shifts per month (nights and weekends)
  • Make a one year committment to the crisis line.

Training requirements

SOS offers volunteer training in the spring and fall and may train additionally as needed. The 40-hour volunteer training meets state requirements to work or volunteer as a sexual assault advocate in Minnesota. This free and detailed training will cover basic knowledge and skills regarding sexual violence including counseling skills, disrupting rape culture and the legal process. Individuals must complete all of the provided training prior to volunteering.

  • Completion of the training takes approximately 40 - 50 hours.
  • Eight hours of continuing education yearly.
  • Ongoing supervision and support.
  • Additional training for support group facilitation.

Join the next free training

Training will include pre-recorded sessions, readings and engagement quizzes to be completed individually and live training sessions that will be completed as a group.

Individual training will be available starting on May 1.
Live sessions will run June 3-8, 2024:           

How to apply

Complete the volunteer application and reach out with any questions. 


Contact: Kristen Wickoda, Volunteer Coordinator
Call 651-266-1000 with questions or email [email protected].