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The Ramsey County Cooperative Weed Management Area (RCCWMA) is a cooperative relationship between government agencies, individual landowners, non-profit organizations and other interested groups. RCCWMA works to manage invasive plants that negatively impact natural lands, parks and open spaces in Ramsey County.

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CWMA partners

  • Minnesota Department of Agriculture
  • Rice Creek Watershed District
  • Great River Greening 
  • Ramsey County Parks & Recreation
  • Ramsey County Public Works 
  • National Park Service 
  • Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District 
  • Minnesota Department of Transportation 
  • HB Fuller Company/Willow Lake Nature Preserve
  • Saint Paul Parks & Recreation
  • City of Maplewood 
  • Capitol Region Watershed District
  • City of North St. Paul
  • City of North Oaks
  • City of Shoreview
  • City of White Bear Lake
  • City of Lauderdale
  • Urban Roots
  • Arden Hills Army Training Site

Why are invasive species harmful?

  • Invasive plants (weeds, exotic plants, non-native plants) have significant environmental, social, and economic impacts on natural areas, parks, and open spaces.  
  • Invasive species are a leading threat to the native species of the United States, second only to habitat destruction. 
  • Invasive plants consume approximately three million acres of land each year. 
  • Some invasive plants are harmful to human and animal health.
  • Many invasive plants are allelopathic (they release chemicals into the soil that inhibit the growth of other plants).
  • Invasive plants can cause erosion, alter water ways, limit plant and animal diversity and lower property values.

CWMA minutes

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