Groundwater Protection

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Ramsey County is fortunate to have an adequate supply of groundwater which helps to sustain its potable, industrial and commercial water use base as well as providing water to lakes, streams and wetlands.  

Groundwater is water located beneath the earth's surface in soil and geologic materials. Groundwater is stored in and flows through an intricate network of small pores, joints, fractures and solution cavities in underground geologic sediment and rock formations.

Beneath Ramsey County lies a portion of a large groundwater geologic basin made up of several aquifer units which provide much of the water we use every day. Water wells are used to extract groundwater from aquifers. This groundwater is used for drinking, heating and cooling, manufacturing processes, and as the natural recharge for streams, some lakes and wetlands. The quality of groundwater depends on its natural characteristics and whether any contaminants have entered the aquifers where the groundwater resides. 

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