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The mission of the Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health’s Healthy Aging Initiative is to maintain and increase the health and wellbeing of Ramsey County residents as they age. The initiative’s goal is to enable all older residents to thrive in our county. The primary focus of the initiative is ensuring that resources and opportunities for older adults are equitable, inclusive, and accessible. The Initiative does this in partnership with community members and organizations.

The Healthy Aging Initiative brings together older adults, private and public organizations, service and medical providers, and local governments to identify the cultural and community needs and strengths of one of the fastest growing populations in Ramsey County. Relationships and partnerships are the basis of everything the Healthy Aging Initiative does. Both lived experience and data inform the Initiative’s work.

The Healthy Aging Initiative’s goal is to identify, examine and improve the cultural and community needs of older adults in Ramsey County by:

  • Developing partnerships.
  • Sharing information.
  • Determining the strengths, needs, and wants of communities and older adults.
  • Empowering older adults to partner in the creation of an age-friendly county.
  • Identifying and examining trends, program availability, community strengths, connections, gaps in services, cultural and community needs for older adults in the county.

Efforts are guided by the following:

Ramsey County Healthy Aging Network

Healthy aging gatherings

Newsletters and digests