Vadnais-Snail Lakes Regional Park Master Plan

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The Vadnais-Snail Lakes Regional Park and surrounding area has seen above normal precipitation and groundwater levels over the past 10 years that have led to flooding of roads, trails and park picnic areas. Currently, several sections of the trail system are closed due to flooding, along with the public beach and picnic area near Snail Lake. Ramsey County Parks & Recreation has been working with Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District (RWMWD) and the city of Shoreview to collect data, make drainage improvements and address flooding issues to private residences and public infrastructure.

The data, which includes modeling of flood impacts and physical surveying of drainage features, will allow for accurate assessment of water elevations and predicting where future flooding impacts will occur. This information will be used as part of the framework for the regional park master plan update to determine where to replace impacted trails and facilities, so they are resilient to future flooding. This master plan update is a requirement of the Metropolitan Council as the overseer of the regional park and trails system. 

Master plan update – final draft

Trail impacts

Information has been assembled to address some comments and concerns received during the 30-day public review of the master plan amendment. Several concerns were brought up regarding the use of a boardwalk system to restore trail and access in the Wetland A part of the park corridor segment. The document compares impacts of a boardwalk system and filling to raise existing paved trails.

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General information

Water pumping


Community engagement

30-day public review

A 30-day review period for the master plan draft document was open through January 7, 2021. The master plan was developed through community engagement, partner participation and public input through community meetings and online involvement. 

Public outreach

The public outreach phase of the master plan update has concluded. All comments have been compiled and used to influence the preferred concept.

The next step in the master planning process will consist of formal reviews with the Shoreview Parks and Recreation Commission, Shoreview Bikeways and Trails Committee and the Ramsey County Parks Commission. It will then be submitted to the Shoreview City Council, Ramsey County Board of Commissioners, and the Metropolitan Council. 

Preferred concepts

All documents are PDFs.

Previous community engagement meetings

March 3, 2020

A pop-up meeting was held at the Shoreview Community Center for the general public. Concepts were presented to the Snail Lake Improvement District (SLID).

All documents are PDFs.

February 19, 2020

At the second meeting, concepts based on comments from the previous meeting were presented. An opportunity for residents to provide feedback followed. 

All documents are PDFs.

January 23, 2020

At the kickoff meeting, a brief project overview was given and an opportunity for residents to provide comments and ask questions followed. The focus was on flooded park infrastructure such as trails, the Snail Lake picnic shelter and beach.

All documents are PDFs.