Frogs & Polliwogs

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Frogs & Polliwogs class

Spring series

Select Fridays. March‒May
Session 1: 9‒10:15 a.m.
Session 2: 10:45 a.m.‒Noon
Ages 2–5 with an adult.
$48 adult and child; $32 additional child; $16 additional adult.

March 29: Walk With Me
by Naomi Danis, illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers
Ready to explore? Put on your sturdiest shoes because we are off on an adventure. Are the plants growing? Are the animals out of hibernation? Come help us discover spring at the nature center.

April 12: Catch Me: A Jumping Adventure
by Robert Lieber, illustrated by Vivian Young
The marsh is coming alive. Can you hear the frogs? What else can we find? Discover the spring pond as we follow frogs on a jumping adventure and create fun wetland art.

April 26: Diary of a Worm
by Doreen Cronin, illustrated by Harry Bliss
Explore the life of a worm with this enchanting tale from the worm’s point of view. Let's dig for worms in the garden, discover their handiwork in the woods and create a slimy project.

May 10: Snail Trail
by Ruth Brown
Follow this snail on a slimy adventure. We'll search the woods for snail hideouts and try an obstacle course, Tamarack style. We'll plant seeds to start a snail habitat of your own at home.


Registration is required and by series only.

Summer series

Select Fridays. July‒Aug.
Session 1: July 12, 19, 26
Session 2: Aug. 2, 9, 16
9‒10:15 a.m.
Ages 2–5 with an adult.
$36 adult and child; $24 additional child; $12 additional adult.

July 12 or Aug. 2: The Hike
by Alison Farrell
Who's ready for adventure? Follow these friends on the hike of lifetime. Then, we'll take a hike of our own and have fun drawing pictures and discovering new things.

July 19 or Aug. 9: Squish, a Wetland Walk
by Nancy Luenn, illustrated by Ronald Himler
Is a wetland just a place that goes squish or something more? Put on your rubber boots and explore! We'll search for creatures, touch the plants, find some mud and smell the smells that make wetlands truly unique.

July 26 or Aug. 16: Tops and Bottoms
by Janet Stevens
Would you rather eat the tops of plants or the bottoms? Can we find a tasty treat in the woods? Come along on this yummy exploration to find out! We'll plant seeds in the garden, pull weeds and pick a little something that's ready.


Registration is required and by series only.