Nature Preschool

Preschool class in Discovery Hollow

Tamarack Nature Center proudly partners with White Bear Lake Area Schools in providing Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE) and My Nature Preschool experiences at Tamarack Nature Center.

Adding a new twist to the typical early childhood curriculum, the ECFE program at Tamarack Nature Center revolves around nature – learning from it, about it, engaging with it and being immersed in it. Classes are taught by both a teacher from White Bear Lake Area Schools and a Naturalist from Tamarack Nature Center.

A new wing opened at Tamarack Nature Center in the fall of 2015 featuring an Early Childhood Learning Center that includes two new indoor classrooms with fully functioning kitchens and classroom bathrooms. In addition to the 320 acres of outdoor classroom throughout the park grounds, the ECFE and preschool programs have access to the new “Backyard” and “Cove” outdoor play and learning spaces, directly connected to their indoor space.

My Nature Preschool

Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE)