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Planning Healthy Ramsey

Saint Paul – Ramsey  County Public Health’s work is guided by several department plans.

Strategic Plan
The Ramsey County Board of Commissioners approved the Strategic Plan in May 2014. The planning process included input from the department staff, elected officials, key county stakeholders, and the community. The strategic plan provides guidance on department priorities, policies, activities, community partnerships and resource allocation. 

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)
The CHIP was developed by over 80 residents and community leaders. It created a shared vision, established goals and priorities and identified actions to address the goals.

Community Health Assessment
Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health coordinates the collection and analysis of health-related information that identifies community health trends and concerns that can be addressed through public health interventions. A comprehensive community health assessment report is then created with input from community partners.

Health Equity Plan & Data Analysis
The Health Equity Plan provides a framework that includes resources for Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health to advance health equity, understanding how to use an equity lens and connecting health equity to staff roles and responsibilities. The Health Equity Data Analysis (HEDA) is a tool for analyzing health disparities in communities. Advancing health equity is the attainment of the highest level of health possible for people of all ages and backgrounds in Ramsey County. 

Quality Improvement Plan
Quality improvement in public health is the use of a deliberate and defined improvement process. The department’s plan refers to a continuous and ongoing effort to achieve measurable improvements in the efficiency, effectiveness, performance, accountability, outcomes, and other indicators of quality in services or processes which achieve equity and improve the health of the community.

Workforce Development Plan
Effective public health practice requires a well prepared workforce. The department’s plan ensures a competent workforce through the assessment of staff competencies, the provision of individual training and professional development, and the provision of a supportive work environment.

Community Health Assessment
Every 5 years, the department collects, analyzes and publishes health and related information. The purpose of the assessment is to 1) Quantify and understand the health risks for residents of Ramsey County, including trends and comparison between populations and with national/state public health goals;  2) Use data and community input to identify priority health and quality of life issues; 3) Inform community partners, policymakers and the public about the health status of Ramsey County residents and communities to target interventions/resources in the best way to achieve the greatest impact on health; and, 4) Inform and drive action to address identified community health problems and needs, and aid in the evaluation of programs and services.

Solid Waste Master Plan
The Ramsey County Solid Waste Master Plan, adopted in 2004, guides management of trash, recyclables, and other solid wastes. Part of the plan focuses on actions specific to Ramsey County and part focuses on various initiatives across the Twin Cities region.