Advancing Racial Equity Policy

The policy was co-created with community members and Ramsey County staff. This policy is a continuation and alignment of past agencywide racial equity work.

Policy statement

This policy is to advance racial equity by reducing racial and ethnic-based disparities. The county will do this by being equitable, inclusive, transparent, respectful, and impactful in how we serve and engage with residents, as well as the people who work for Ramsey County. We recognize and acknowledge this requires deconstructing barriers and changing systems, structures, policies, and outcomes.

We will have meaningful and authentic engagement of community and employees to strengthen the administration, development, and implementation of policies, procedures, contracts, budgets, service delivery, and new initiatives.
Advancing racial equity ensures all people who need access to the opportunities and services we provide will receive them—not only through county services, but also through contracted goods and services. Racial equity is achieved when race can no longer be used to predict life outcomes, and outcomes for all are improved.

Who does this apply to?

Why a policy statement?

Who is responsible for advancing racial equity?

How is racial equity progress measured?

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