Talent Attraction, Retention and Promotion

Ramsey County will ensure that it is recognized by current employees and talented job seekers as the premier public sector employer of choice within the region.

Why this is a priority

Ramsey County must be an organization that attracts, retains and promotes a diverse and talented workforce to meet the evolving demographics and dynamic changing workforce needs of our community. Ramsey County must be viewed by employees across races, classes and cultures as a welcoming place where they are valued and where employees at all levels authentically model the individual behaviors of the county’s core values of people, integrity, community, leadership and equity.

Building on previous work and lessons learned

In light of COVID-19 and the difficult workforce challenges that it presents for the next several months, focused efforts, strategic alignment and organization-wide commitment must continue based on the significant investments made in the last five years to ensure meaningful progress of this priority. Leaders across all service teams have collective responsibilities in implementation and demonstration of targeted efforts in effectively attracting the next generation of diverse, talented employees. In this past year, five organizational values were developed and co-created with staff across all levels of the organization. Human Resources also restructured and launched action teams to focus on improving the effectiveness of general services, process improvements within the hiring process and laying the foundation for a new performance management process to align with countywide culture and values. Further, the project to modernize Ramsey County’s personnel rules, job classifications and compensation plans to align with our core values continues with recommendations expected within the year.

Ensure racial equity and shared power is community is applied

The development of the  public sector pathways program, approved by the County Board in the 2020 budget, will intentionally and meaningfully diversify our workforce, align and streamline internship, fellowship and pathway programs across the organization; and develop advancement or lateral opportunities for key classifications within the county for leveraging staff talent, broadening skills and promoting development. Further, we will continue to collect and assess data through our workforce statistics report and continually develop, adapt, implement and measure strategies and countywide performance metrics to increase workforce diversity. Given our adopted core value of equity, we must ensure that all the work, behaviors and operating decisions are led through a lens of racial equity in ensuring talent attraction, retention and promotion.