Online General Hazardous Waste Generator Training

The online training for hazardous waste generators is designed to give a general overview of the hazardous waste regulations for all size generators. There is an option to print the slides for each step before you review them.

The training courses are broken into six steps. Click the links below to launch the course. After each course, a certificate of completion will be available to download and print for your records.

Closed captioning is available in each step. Click the closed captions (cc) button. 


Approximately 7 minutes

View introduction



Step 1: Evaluate your waste and determine your generator size

Approximately 34 minutes

View Step 1



Step 2: Notification and licensing

Approximately 13 minutes

View Step 2



Step 3: Storage

Approximately 34 minutes

View Step 3



Step 4: Transport and disposal

Approximately 35 minutes

View Step 4



Step 5a: Emergency prevention planning and training (for all sizes)

Approximately 14 minutes

View Step 5a



Step 5b: Emergency prevention planning and training (SQG & LQG requirements)

Approximately 25 minutes

View Step 5b