Tuberculosis Clinic

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Tuberculosis (TB) is a contagious disease caused by germs (bacteria) that generally attack the lungs. The germs are spread through the air, when a person with active TB disease coughs, sneezes, speaks or even laughs and the bacteria is inhaled by another person. These germs can stay in the air for several hours depending on the environment. People are most likely to become infected with TB if they spend many hours in close contact (family members or co-workers) with someone infected with Active TB Disease. Though TB is a serious disease, it can be treated with medication.

Services provided

Screening for persons that have been in contact with Active TB Disease. Treatment and case management of persons with Active TB Disease. 

  • Services available by appointment only.
  • Parents or guardians must accompany those under 18 years old.
  • Bring photo ID and insurance card.
  • Billing is available for Medical Assistance (MA) and some insurances. 

You will be notified if you are part of a contact investigation and should be seen in our clinic.

Types of tests

Pre-employment or school testing

Latent infection vs. active disease