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Service alert - COVID-19

Parks and trails are open to the public. Portable toilets and trash cans are provided. Bathrooms and picnic shelters at parks facilities will remain closed. The lower Battle Creek area will remain closed.

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In partnership with the Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists, Ramsey County Parks & Recreation developed a trail system in the western section of Battle Creek Regional Park that includes 3.3 miles of multi-use trails and 4.5 miles of single track mountain bike trails.

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Trail conditions

Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists provides a forum with updated trail conditions on their website.


  • Battle Creek Regional Park has the only authorized mountain bike trail in the Ramsey County park system. It is illegal to ride off-trail in any other Ramsey County park or open space.
  • All park rules and ordinances apply on mountain bike trails, including:
    • Chapter IV, Section E - Bicycling
      It shall be unlawful for any person to:
      1. Operate a bicycle, except on paved bike trails and roadways, and except as close to the right hand side of the paved bike trail or roadway as conditions permit;
      2. Operate a bicycle on unpaved trails, except at areas and times designated for that purpose;
      3. Operate a bicycle in violation of Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 169, “Highway Traffic Violation’’; or
      4. Ride or operate a bicycle, except in a prudent and careful manner or at a speed faster than is reasonable and safe with regard to the safety of the operator and other persons in the immediate area. 
  • Trail hours are from sunrise to sunset.
  • Ride only on marked trails.
  • Observe one-way arrows, do not enter signs and trail closed signs.
  • Yield to pedestrians.
  • Control your speed and pass with care.
  • Maintain a safe distance when following another biker.
  • Keep environmental impact to a minimum.
  • Stay off wet or snow-covered trails.
  • Wear a helmet.
  • Respect wildlife.
  • Constructing new trails is illegal. Notify Ramsey County Parks & Recreation of any trail maintenance issues.
  • No races.