Backyard Bunch

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Backyard Bunch are preschool nature play sessions, offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30 a.m. - noon in the Early Learning Center Backyard. 

Flexible drop-off and pick-up times available. Children must be bathroom independent.

$25 per day, no lunch bunch option this year.

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June 18, 19, 20; July 30, 31; Aug. 1
Pioneer Play

Use your imagination and make your own play. Create games out of sticks,
rocks and found materials. Develop skills with stilts and hoops. Have fun in
an outdoor “kitchen” making mud fun.

June 25, 26, 27; Aug. 6, 7, 8
Fantastic Forts!

Take inspiration from animal homes as you design and play. Create forts big
and small out of any materials you can find. What would it take to make a
fort village with your friends?

July 23, 24, 25; Aug. 13, 14, 15
From Scratch

Use nature as your medium to make art from scratch! Pound flowers to
dye fabric, create child size weavings, and turn gathered plant material into
natural paper.