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*All Discoverers camps are full.

Discoverers day camps are offered to children entering 1st or 2nd grade, unless otherwise noted.

Discoverers camps are held Monday–Thursday with a full day and half day option.


4-day camp session

  • Half day (9 a.m.–noon or 1–4 p.m.): $99
  • Full day (9 a.m.–4 p.m. ): $199

3-day camp session

  • Half day (9 a.m.–noon or 1–4 p.m.): $75
  • Full day (9 a.m.–4 p.m. ): $150


2022 day camp registration will open February 1 at 9:30 a.m.

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Hideouts and Habitats

June 21-23 (3-day camp)

Everyone has a habitat — even you! Find hideouts and habitats in ponds, forests and fields while learning about the creatures that call them home. Run a rabbitat obstacle course, play predator/prey in the prairie and build a home of your very own.

Wild Wonders PM

June 21-23 (3-day camp)
1–4 p.m. (Extended ages: 4 - entering 2nd grade)

Wild wonders abound at Tamarack! Uncover nature’s opportunities for exploration using the power of play. What kinds of wonders will you discover?

Marvelous Mysterious Tamarack

June 27-30

Marvelous mysteries abound at Tamarack! Leave no stone unturned as you seek to complete scavenger hunts, find answers to riddles and decipher treasure maps. There is no telling where your adventures will take you.

Creature Feature

June 27-30

What if you were a spider using silk to catch your prey or a bird with only a beak to build a nest? What special skills would you need to be like the animals? Learn all about adaptations and put them to use to get special jobs done. Then, meet some special critters up close and personal to see what you can learn from their special powers! What if?

Animal Superheroes PM

July 11-14 (Extended ages: 4 - entering 2nd grade)
1–4 p.m.

What can cut through trees, breath underwater and fly through the sky? Your favorite animal superheroes! Explore the world through compound eyes, study creatures up close and master a super-skill obstacle course. Discover your own superpowers to become a superhero-in-training.

Woodland Safari July

July 11-14

Find our fantastic forest and the animals that live there! Search through leaf litter and undergrowth for animal signs, become the parts of a tree, build forts and shelters with tree branches and twigs. You’re sure to have a tree-rific time at this camp!

Dinosaur  Adventure Camp

July 18-21 (Extended ages: 4 - entering 2nd grade)
1–4 p.m.

Why did the dinosaur go to Adventure Camp? To have a “T-rexiffic Time” of course! You will too as we delve deep into the timeline of the dinosaurs. Become an official nature time-traveler as we explore the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic time periods. Along the way we will find fossils and have fun prehistoric play.

Slime, Ooze, and Goop

July 18-21 or July 25-28

Does slime help a slug slide or a frog flip? Go on an ooze cruise in the marsh and discover the fun of slippery, gooey mud and muck. Get creative in out slime science lab and get sparkling clean on a trip to Ramsey County’s Battle Creek Waterworks.

Frog Facts and Turtle Tales

July 25-28 (Extended ages: 4 - entering 2nd grade)
1–4 p.m.

Jump, splash, glub…. Scour habitats, make crafts and meet TNC’s animal ambassadors. Test your skills at the froggy leap and the turtle trudge while you learn more about Minnesota’s cold blooded friends.

Garden Gnomes and Hobbit Homes

August 1-4

Enter the magical world of gnomes, hobbits and other woodland residents. Imagination rules as we search for evidence of these and other mythical beings that live among green and growing things. Hobbits and gnomes love to forage for food, go on epic journeys and throw fabulous parties. Join the fun!

Frontier Flashback

August 1-4

Flash back to Minnesota’s past to experience how pioneers and Native Americans lived close to nature. Build a nature shelte, play the games of long ago and find out what it took to survive in a wild land.

Everyday Explorers

August 8-11 or August 15-18 (Extended ages: 4 - entering 2nd grade)
1–4 p.m.

There’s an adventure around every bend at Tamarack. Your team of explorers will leave no stone unturned as you search for undiscovered natural treasures. Where will the next adventure lead you?

Ice Age Adventures

August 8-11

Go back in time when Minnesota was covered in mountains and glaciers. Imagine sharing this prehistoric world with strange and wonderful creatures: mammoths, mastodons, and even giant beavers. Find out how glaciers shaped the land, how animals adapted to change and go on “fossil digs” to see what you can discover from the prehistoric past.

Best of Discoverers

August 15-18

Celebrate the end of summer with a grab bag of camp experiences. We’ll keep track of the best, most popular activities of the summer and recreate the magic this week. You never know what is going to make it on the “Best of” list so stay tuned and be surprised with the rest of us!