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*All Explorers camps are full.

Explorers day camps are offered to children entering 3rd or 4th grade, unless otherwise noted.

Explorers camps are held Monday–Thursday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.


  • 4-day camp session: $199
  • 3-day camp session: $150


2022 day camp registration will open February 1 at 9:30 a.m.

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Wild Woods Survival

June 21-23 (3-day camp)

Spend three days developing your wilderness skills by learning to survey landscapes, master new archery skills, and cook on the campfire. Test your new skills while canoeing on Otter Lake.

Naturally Scientific

June 27-30

Science is fun and fascinating when you’ve got Gak, Oobleck and Slime on your side. Dive into fun physics, chemistry and astronomy as we make volcanoes explode, stars twinkle and water flow. Mix up some crazy concoctions using ingredients you find at home, create wacky snacks with kitchen chemistry and discover how science comes naturally.

Campfires to Kitchens

July 11-14

Put down your hot dog stick and get cooking! Scour garden and field to find ingredients to turn into creative cuisine. Leave this camp a savvy chef both indoors and out.

Boredom Busters!

July 18-21 or July 25-28

Join us for the ultimate summer camp week! Nature and kids come together to abolish boredom as you play games, learn archery and build survival skills! A trip to Ramsey County Waterworks will top off this quintessential summer experience.


August 1-4

Have you ever tried to build a beaver lodge? Wondered how birds get their nests to stay together? Discover different types of homes and the animals that live there. Then put your Eco-engineer skills to the test and build some for yourself.

Rock Hounds and Fossil Finders

August 8-11 (Extended ages: Explorers-Trekkers)

Do you collect rocks wherever you go? Ever wonder where they came from or what makes them look so cool? Seek out the secrets of the earth through everyday geology. Make “rocks” to eat, crack open geodes and explore earth art. Find YOUR inner geologist!

Best of Explorers

August 15-18

Celebrate the end of summer with a grab bag of camp experiences. We’ll keep track of the best, most popular activities of the summer and recreate the magic this week. You never know what is going to make it on the “Best of” list so stay tuned and be surprised with the rest of us!