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*All Sprouts camps are full.

Sprouts day camps are offered in combination with Critters day camps and are available to children ages 3 to entering Kindergarten. All campers must be bathroom independent before the first day of camp. 

Sprouts camps are held from 9 a.m.–noon, Monday–Thursday. 


  • 4-day camp session: $99
  • 3-day camp session: $75


2022 day camp registration will open February 1 at 9:30 a.m.

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Green Thumb Gardeners

June 21–23 (3-day camp)

Did you know good gardeners have “green thumbs”? Develop your green thumb by digging into our Garden to get the dirt on seeds, plants, fruits and vegetables. Play garden games, make fresh snacks and plant seeds to grow your very own box garden to take home.


June 27–30

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing better than mucking in the mud! Look for critters at the bottom of the marsh, make mud nests like the birds and wasps do, and try your hands at mud sculpture. Have no fear — we’ll arrange for the mess, mud, mayhem and best of all, the cleanup. If you like feeling the mud squish between your toes, this camp is for you.

Animal Superheroes 

July 11–14

What can cut through trees, breath underwater and fly through the sky? Your favorite animal superheroes! Explore the world through compound eyes, study creatures up close and master a super-skill course. Discover your own superpowers to become a superhero-in-training.

Dinosaur Adventure Camp 

July 18–21

Why did the dinosaur go to Adventure Camp? To have a “T-rexiffic Time” of course! You will too as we delve deep into the timeline of the dinosaurs. Become an official nature time-traveler as we explore the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic time periods. Along the way we will find “fossils” and have fun prehistoric play.

Ready, Set…Explore! 

July 18–21

Grab your backpack and field journal and get ready for adventure! Lead the way on daily discovery hikes and meet the plants and animals that call Tamarack home. Create your own spotting scope, join in an “animal rescue” obstacle course, play games and of course, explore!

Frog Facts and Turtle Tales 

July 25–28

Jump, splash, glub…. Scour habitats, make crafts and meet TNC’s animal ambassadors. Test your skills at the froggy leap and the turtle trudge while you learn more about Minnesota’s cold-blooded friends.

Itsy-Bitsy Wonders 

August 1–4

The best things come in small packages! Bring your magnifying glass and be amazed when you find miniscule water bugs, tiny ant worlds and petite plants. Create teeny treasures to take home and enjoy. How many mini miracles will you find?

Whose Clues? 

August 8–11

Whose clues are these? Someone keeps leaving clues around the Nature Center! Follow them to figure out where those clever clues lead us. Complete tasks, find animals, solve puzzles as we work together to find the clue master!

Gardens Galore

August 15–18

Our garden has been growing fast all summer. Now is the time to dig, pick and pull up all the wonderful fruits of the season. Eat garden veggies fresh off the vine, follow simple garden-variety recipes and create “green” art projects.