Homeschool Programs

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Tamarack Nature Center offers classes for homeschool students. Classes are typically two hours and develop concepts and skills in science, social studies, art and recreation. Most classes include activities to accommodate mixed-age groups. However, tracks for preschool, elementary and middle school students are available.

Select Thursdays and Fridays, Sept. 2022 - May 2023.
1–3 p.m.
Ages 5-10.
$5.75 per child. Registration required.

Sept. 8 & 9: Monarchs & More

Explore the amazing journey and life cycle of this beautiful creature and the vital role milkweed plays in their survival. We’ll use aerial nets to catch and release butterflies.


Oct. 13 & 14: Prairie Smoke

Take a hike through our restored prairie to learn about the restoration process, how to identify prairie flowers and grasses, and collect seeds for future restoration projects.


Nov. 17 & 18: Woodpeckers of Minnesota

Discover the amazing abilities and strange superpowers that woodpeckers have. Learn how to identify them, take a bird hike and make a field guide journal to bring home.


Jan. 12 & 13: Science of Sledding

Why does a sled move so quickly over snow and ice? Discover the properties of frozen water and the laws of physics, then apply them in action while sledding!


Feb. 9 & 10: Deer vs. Moose

Discover the different deer families of Minnesota. Complete a White Tail Deer population study of our resident deer. Learn tracking skills and play games to learn about their daily lives.


March 9 & 10: Maple Mysteries

Dive into the mysteries of the maple! Participate in the maple syrup process by identifying a maple, tapping a tree, collecting sap and evaporating it. End with a sweet treat.


April 13 & 14: Snakes & Lizards of Minnesota

Find out how many snake and lizard species live in Minnesota and what makes them unique. Then meet our live snake ambassadors.


May 11 & 12: Backyard Bugs

Learn about insects vs. other types of bugs. Use nets to catch bugs in the prairie, observe them and then set them free. Discover community science projects related to bugs.



Due to COVID-19, this year's programs are for students only. Adults can participate if there is a specific need, but to keep the group sizes small, we are asking parents to drop off and pick up their kids. Please contact us if you have a specific need to attend with your child.