Outreach Programs

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All programs can be modified for age-specific groups. Other program options may be available exploring your organization’s outdoor space. Please inquire upon booking.

Herpetology 101

What’s the difference between a reptile and an amphibian? What kind of frogs can we find in our own backyard? Discover the wonderful world of Minnesota’s coolest cold-blooded creatures. Explore snakeskin, frog skeleton, and turtle shell. Then, put your new skills to the test as you observe some of Tamarack’s live animals.

Hunt for Who-o?

WHOOOO wants to learn about owls? Spend some time learning about these birds of the night. See what’s in an owl pellet, feel feathers and perfect your best owl call. Then, meet one of our resident owls up close and personal.

Pond Life

Who lives in the pond? Frogs, turtles and fish….Just to name a few. How many others can you name? Learn about some of your favorite animals that live in and around the pond. Figure out what the most important parts of every habitat are and work together to create one.

Signs of the Season

Take a look out your classroom window. What do you see? Discover the signs of the season and learn what your backyard animals are doing to get ready for the upcoming changes. Are they waking up, or slowing down? Building nests or heading south? Do some seasonal activities and explore some seasonal artifacts.

Signs, Scat and Tracks

How do we know animals are living among us even when we don’t see them? Animal signs! Once we learn how to look for animal signs such as furs, feathers, and scat, we know what animals are around and what they’ve been up to. Program Enrichment: Make plaster tracks for an additional $0.50 /child.

Skull Study

What can a skull tell you about an animal? Mammals have varied and highly adapted teeth that help them catch and process their food. Students crack the code of animal adaptation as they examine skins, skulls and teeth to identify herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Snooze, Cruise or Enjoy the View

What are the different ways Minnesota animals prepare for the winter? Do the words Migration, Hibernation or Adapta¬tion ring a bell? Learn the meanings of those long words and do some hands-on exploration of some Minnesota animal mounts.

Turkey Tales

Did you know turkeys were nearly extinct in 1930! Explore what it means to be a “wild” turkey and why Benjamin Franklin nominated this beautiful bird to be out national symbol. Take part in a turkey calling contest and analyze feathers to learn how humans have helped bring this species back from the brink of extinction!

Wild about Wolves

Learn about one of Minnesota’s most well-known mam¬mals. Learn about wolf behavior in the pack, hunting, raising a family and defending its territory. Expand your knowledge on this once