Preschool-Kindergarten Field Trips

If you are looking for quality out-of-the-classroom learning experiences, we offer year-round programs that provide opportunities for extending and deepening students' understanding of the natural world.

Program offerings

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Program type Fall Winter March Spring
PreK - K
  • Cider Season
  • Squirrel Capades
  • Snowshoeing
  • Winter Wildlife
Sugar Tree
  • Animal Homes, Animal Families
  • Salamander Secrets
  • Water Wonders

Program descriptions

Animal Homes, Animal Families

Offered April-early June

Animals have homes just like you! Find animal homes in trees, on grassy stems or floating in the marsh. Search for nests high and low, listen to frogs sing from their homes and discover all kinds of holes, homes and hollows along the way.

Cider Season

Offered September-November

Celebrate the start of the school year with the taste of student-pressed apple cider. Students learn the crucial role pollinators play in the food supply and the interdependence of bees, flowers and fruit. Go on a fall hike to investigate the traveling habits of seeds. 

Salamander Secrets

Offered April-early June

What salamander secrets lie underground? Students investigate this elusive amphibian’s life cycle, search for salamanders in their native habitat and meet a live salamander. How many secrets can you discover?


Offered December-February

Introduce your class to snowshoeing! Learn how snowshoes help winter travelers. Then, strap on a pair and travel off trail to see what it’s really like to make fresh tracks through the winter landscape. Note: At least six inches of snow is required to hold this program. Equipment rental fees apply.

Squirrel Capades

Offered September-November

Experience a day in the life of one of Minnesota’s most amazing mammals. Students track and observe squirrels to discover how they find and store food, travel from tree to tree, and build leaf nests called dreys.

Sugar Tree

Offered in March

With cold nights and warming days, maple sap begins to flow at Tamarack Nature Center. Learn the vital role of maple trees and the history of sweet maple syrup. Explore all parts of the syrup process: tapping, collecting, evaporating and, of course, sampling!

Water Wonders

Offered April-early June

Discover the wonders of water through play and scientific inquiry. Introduce students to the unique properties of water as they interact with running water in a play stream, see what sinks and floats and think about how animals need it.

Winter Wildlife

Offered December-February

What animals are active in a Minnesota winter? Students learn how to be a wildlife tracker and search for signs of animal activity in the cold and snow.