Housing Redevelopment Authority (HRA) Levy

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In 2022, Ramsey County began levying funds through its Housing and Redevelopment Authority. The funds collected will help support the county’s Deeply Affordable Housing Infrastructure Initiative, preserving and creating affordable housing solutions for county residents who live in poverty and struggle to find or afford stable housing, including seniors, low-wage workers and others who make less than $25,000 annually. The funds will also help strengthen critical housing and employment corridors throughout the county, and create wealth generation pathways for low-to-moderate income households through homebuyer assistance.

Prior to 2022, Ramsey County was the only county in the Twin Cities metropolitan area that did not have an active levy authority dedicated to affordable housing projects or initiatives, placing further strain on the housing market and county services. To help address this challenge and the longstanding housing crisis, Ramsey County now leverages its funds with additional county resources and other entities of local government to promote:


HRA levy funding is being distributed by Community & Economic Development. The county board approved $11.1 million, during the 2022-2023 biennial budget to fund affordable housing and redevelopment efforts align with the priorities of the Economic Competitiveness & Inclusion Plan.

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Housing and Redevelopment Authority meetings

Housing and Redevelopment Authority meetings are scheduled on Tuesday’s following regular county board meetings at 9 a.m. Details can be found on the Board Meetings & Information webpage.