Economic Competitiveness & Inclusion Plan: Background & Introduction

Ramsey County Economic Competitiveness and Inclusion Plan illustrationDeveloping a comprehensive economic development strategy has been identified as a Strategic Priority by the county for some time. In 2019, Ramsey County took this charge and began leading the development of a comprehensive economic development strategy centered around equitable growth and strengthening economic competitiveness. The process has been led by the county, with the help of local and national consultants that supported the development of in-depth analyses of the county’s economy, including:

  • A market and industry cluster analysis.
  • A property-based fiscal analysis.
  • A countywide housing assessment.

This work was informed throughout by the engagement of residents, businesses, community leaders, a steering committee, and the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners, all of whom helped shape the development of an implementable plan that outlines economic and community objectives to pursue over the next five years.

Consulting Team

  • Fourth Economy - Housing Analysis, Economic Analysis, Implementation.
  • MZ Strategies - Housing Analysis, Economic Analysis, Implementation.
  • Center for Economic Inclusion - Community Engagement, Strategic Advisor, Equity Framework, Implementation.
  • Neoo Partners Inc. - Community Engagement, Strategic Advisor, Equity Framework, Implementation.
  • URBAN3 - Property Value Analysis, Comparative Analysis.

Land Acknowledgement Statement

A message from Ramsey County Board Chair

About the artists

Planning during an unprecedented time

Artist Statement - Khou Vue

Charting a more competitive and equitable economic future

Racial Equity is a regional competitiveness imperative

The County’s Role

A Holistic Plan

Implementation Considerations

A Year of Engagement

Thousands of Ramsey County residents and interested individuals were involved in the Economic Competitiveness and Inclusion planning process.

A Year of Engagement illustration

Public Community Meetings

  • Working Group Meetings
  • Strategy Build Sessions
  • Steering Committee Meetings
  • Community Action Team Meetings
  • Ramsey County Board Meetings
  • Housing Town Hall
  • Elected Officials Summit

30+ Interviews Conducted

  • Community Partners
  • Elected Representatives
  • Community Members
  • State Program Leaders
  • Philanthropy
  • Business Leaders

2,000 website visitors

Eliciting 124 responses 

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