Ramsey County Care Center

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Established in 1854, the Care Center is a 164-bed facility that provides both long-term and transitional care for seniors. Nestled between Goodrich Golf Course and the historic Extension Barn, the Care Center accepts both residents and non-residents of Ramsey County.

Care Center services

Ramsey County Care Center is 100 percent Medicare and Medicaid (Medical Assistance) certified and accepts a variety of insurance plans.

The Care Center has a strong reputation for serving residents and their families with compassion for more than 100 years. Staff are dedicated to providing the care necessary to enhance each individual’s quality of life by promoting independence, choice and dignity. Staff strive to create strong personal relationships and go above and beyond whenever possible to provide a quality of life that benefits all community members.

Visiting hours

Visitors are welcome at any time, but the recommended visiting hours are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Guests should sign in at the reception desk. Children are encouraged to visit but must be under the supervision of adults.

Pet visits are allowed with appropriate notice. Please see the receptionist to complete a pet registration form.

Ramsey County Care Center