Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment helps people with mental illness find and keep meaningful jobs in the community. Our program is designed to fit each individual’s needs and future career goals.

The Supported Employment team includes: employment specialists, mental health professionals, mental health therapists, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, clinical nurse specialists and certified peer recovery specialists.

Who we serve

Supported Employment serves Ramsey County residents of all backgrounds age 18 years and older who want to work but struggle with significant mental health difficulties.

Principles of Supported Employment

  • Zero exclusion. No one is excluded from participating.
  • Individual preferences. Work and support is based on participants’ preferences, strengths and experience.
  • Timely support. The job search process starts soon after expressed interest in the program.
  • Integrated services. Employment specialists coordinate plans with mental health treatment teams.
  • Competitive jobs. Employment specialists help people find part-time and full-time jobs that pay at least a minimum wage.
  • Job development. Employment specialists visit employers to learn about needs and hiring preferences.
  • Benefits counseling. Employment specialists help participants understand how benefits such as Social Security or Medicaid are affected by working.
  • Continuous support. Employment specialists provide ongoing support as needed.

Why participate in the program?

  • When people feel good about having a job, they often see themselves in a more positive way.
  • Work provides structure and routine.
  • Having an income provides more choices to what to buy and where to live.


Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.