Bail Reform Town Hall

Since 2019, the Ramsey County Bail Reform Work Group (BRWG) has been diligently working toward eliminating the harm to communities caused by the for-profit cash bail system while improving public safety and court appearances. The Ramsey County Bail Reform Town Hall outlined the progress achieved and actively engaged community members in understanding the transformative path ahead.


The Town Hall presentation spotlighted four core areas of improvement:

  1. Pre-Charge Release Process: Creating a process for pre-charge release and community support eligibility upon booking, integrating factors like the severity of the crime of arrest and a Public Safety Assessment (PSA), to assess likelihood to appear and remain arrest-free.

  2. Community Supports: Development and funding of community-based support services to assist released individuals in accessing basic needs for a successful pretrial process.

  3. Sequential Bail Review: Implementation of a consistent review of individuals in custody to determine changes in eligibility for release options and other circumstances, aimed at reducing the jail population and improving justice system outcomes.

  4. Performance Measures and Transparency: Proposed measures include Pre-Trial Detention Population, Outcome Measures, Reasons for Detention, Duration of Detention, Representation & Pleas, and Assessment & Diversion.

"This marks an important milestone of extensive collaboration between our dedicated teams and the community to improve our pre-trial justice system. We are now moving from a period of extensive planning and preparation to implementation. Our next steps will result in tangible, measurable changes that will improve safety and justice for everyone in Ramsey County."

- Ramsey County Attorney John Choi

“My experience in law enforcement has taught me that there are some people that need to be in pretrial detention and some that don’t, and how to tell the difference. I also know that the decision should be based on risk rather than wealth. I’m committed to continuing to bring my experience to this effort to ensure the right people are released or detained.”

- Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher

"We have worked tirelessly with our partners and impacted community to highlight challenges and craft creative, meaningful solutions in reforming our pretrial system. Our commitment is steadfast in creating innovative ways to enhance community safety, minimize the harm of the cash bail system, and remove bias from the system."

- Ramsey County Commissioner Rena Moran

Bail Reform Town Hall Resources (December 12, 2023):