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Plants and fence in a community garden

Community gardens promote healthy eating and active living, increase access to safe, nutritious and culturally appropriate foods, and enhance community and environmental relationships.

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Soil and compost


Healthy soil provides nutrients for plant growth. Sometimes soil contains harmful contaminants, especially in urban areas. Learning about your soil is an important step in starting a garden. Review the resources below to learn why and how to test soil.

Soil testing


Composting is the natural process of breaking down yard and food waste into organic matter. Compost can be added to soil to help plants grow. Consider the resources below for information on backyard composting, food scraps collection and where to get free compost.

Water access

Water access

Water access is critical for garden success. Whether for a community or home garden, there are different options to access water, such as saving rain water, getting nearby municipal water access, or creating an agreement with a nearby land owner.

Saint Paul allows community gardens to access nearby fire hydrants for water. Learn more

Rain barrels capture rainwater that can be used for watering gardens. 

Simple drip irrigation systems collect and distribute water to gardens. 

A nearby property owner may share water access. If an agreement is formed, installing a water meter can make it easy to share the cost.

Tools and seeds


The Minnesota Tool Library allows members to rent various tools (including gardening tools) for projects. Learn more

Seeds and plant material

Did you know? You can use SNAP/EBT benefits to purchase seeds and plants (for food plants.

Food use, donation and safety

Food use, donation and preservation

Learn how to donate food, reduce food waste and support community access to healthy foods.

Food safety

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