Housing Continuum

An overview of housing services provided by Ramsey County's Housing Stability and Community & Economic Development departments. 

Housing Stability department

Responsible for administering/coordinating/facilitating supportive services to individuals and families in need of housing and matching them to available housing and supports 

  • Eviction/Homelessness prevention.
  • Unsheltered outreach coordination with a focus on reducing homelessness disparities, especially impacting BIPOC communities.
  • Shelter operations and coordination.
  • Coordinated entry and placement into supportive and permanent housing.
  • Partnering with community-based providers to create housing referrals and placements.
  • Intradepartmental and community partnerships to foster wraparound and rapid-rehousing service model.
  • Working with partners to create a supportive housing system for placement of individuals and families.
Housing Continuum of Care

Community & Economic Development department

Responsible for partnering with cities, developers and non-profits to provide affordable housing units to meet the needs of our communities.

  • Finance the construction and preservation of affordable housing.
  • Invest in affordable housing to increase energy efficiency and the rehabilitation of homes and units.
  • Create opportunities for homeownership (e.g. first-time home buyers loan program).
  • Assist cities in creating an environment that supports the construction and preservation of affordable housing.
  • Develop relationships with municipalities who lead market rate rentals and homeownership.

Housing Continuum of Care (PDF)